• Automatic non-electric operation. Mechanical control module propel by water pressure for filtration and backwash.

  • No more guessing! Metered demand control helps to determine when to initiate backwash through the amount of water usage.Peace of mind as users is not bound to initiate the backwash. Filtration system that operates through preset time regardless the water usage. When there is no water usage Kinetico system will remain idle.

  • Twin tank design allows the system to backwash without ever going offline for around the clock operation. 

  • Non-Interruption and uses treated water to backwash. Example :- Tank B will supply the treated water to Tank A to clean the filtration media and at the same time supplying the treated water into the household.

  • Engineered filtration media. Macrolite Ceramic Media highly durable and light weight to remove particles as small as 5 microns.

Patented Non-Electric hassle-free
automatic solution to your needs

CP Series (Softnener)

Macrolite Media

Surface Area
Smooth medias don't “hold” dirt; they just sieve the 
big “chunks”. Macrolite has 100 times the surface
area compared to sand, so it can remove more
turbidity, hold solids longer and produce better
water. The increased surface area means more
particle removal at very low micron levels.

Media Weight
Macrolite's lower media weight reduces backwash 
flow rates for 100 percent bed expansion at a flow
rate that is 2/3 or less than other types of filters.


Flow Capacities
Macrolite have high flow capacities (10gpm/ft),
which is double the flow capacities compared to the
same sized sand filter operating at 5 gpm/ft2

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