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MaxHot Commercial Heat Pump System

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Benefits of EcoHeat Air to Water Heat Pump

  1. Free Cold Air

  2. Durability & Long Lasting

  3. Low Cost Operation

  4. Environmentally Friendly

  5. Fully Automatic Control System

  6. Minimal Maintenance

  7. Manufacturer Warranty

Heat pump is an incredibly efficient form of 

heating that can exceed 390% of efficiency 

simply because it transfers heat rather than work

to generate it.

The efficiency is measured by the Coefficient of

Performance (COP) and this is the ratio of

output compared to the required input. A COP

of 4 means your heat pump produces 4 units of

heat energy for every 1 unit of electricity it 

consumes. It essentially shows how efficiently

the heat pump can heat your home under the

best conditions. 

Are you interested in installing an air source or water source heat pump but are not sure of what the process requires?

We have put together the fundamentals starting with how it works, the installation process, and finally, it's efficiency

How does a Heat Pump Works?

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The system works by taking the surroundings heat and humidity from the air in an open space and uses it to heat water. Cool air is produced without added costs that can be ducted to supply to cool down the room temperature.


Water is circulated between storage tank by circulation pump. The water is heated each time it passes through the EcoHeat heat machine, water temperature gradually rises until the desired temperature.

The installation process

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If you are building a new home, your first step is to send you plans to us. From there, we shall provide you a detailed calculations, heating plans and a quote.

At this stage we shall provide you:

Information about your recommended air source heat pump size and positioning

Detailed designs of your heat pump system size and position

Electrical Schematic drawings

Next we will work out a timetable for the installation of the new heating system

SS Casing

Premium Stainless Steel Calorifier Tank

Durable Quality

Special high-grade stainless steel inner tank designed to last

Safety and Economical to Run

Pressure Temperature Relief Valve (PTV), thermal cut-out and insulated with CFC-free polyurethane foam to keep water hot for longer period

Stainless Steel Calorifier Tank