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EcoHeat Swimming Pool Heat Pump System


EcoHeat Swimming Pool Heat Pump is an electric pool heater that warms up your pool by absorb water into a heat exchanger and then pumping the warm water back into your pool, using a small amount of electricity, pool heat pumps power a fan and compressor that pulls in hot air, converts it to heat energy, and transfers it directly to your water. The constant exchange of warm and cold water keeps your pool fit for swimming.

It consumes less energy than the gas heater thus you end up spending less money on your heating bills. In addition, an electric heater does not emit carbon dioxide like the gas powered heater so you get to help reduce the amount of carbon in the air.

Low operating costs make it a great long-term swimming pool heating investment. It has a much higher rate of return than a gas heater or an electric heater. You can expect your pool heater to last for about 10 to 15 years without needing replacement.

The Advantages of Air Source Heat Pumps

  • Heat pumps are much cheaper to run than direct electric heating systems. .

  • Heat pumps save space. There are no fuel storage requirements.

  • Heat pumps are safe. There is no combustion involved and no emission of potentially dangerous gases. No flues are required.

  • Require less maintenance than combustion based heating systems. They also have a longer life than combustion boilers.

  • Long lifespan with proper care that it can be operational for up to 15 years

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EcoHeat Features

Titanium Heat Exchanger - ensures efficient heat transfer with corrosion resistance

Electronic Expansion Valve - Improved heat pump efficiency

Hydrophilic Coating - Condenser fins is protected from corrosion so that it could last for many years

Air Source Heat Pump Electricity Savings

For example - 115 cubic meters in-ground swimming pool required to heat from 22°C to 29°C​:-


1. 70% Humidity

2. 14.16 km/hour of wind speed 

3. 92.82 m2 surface pool area

4. 24 C Ambient 

Heating Rate for 24 hours = 132,985 Btu/Hr = 38.96kW/Hr

Heat Loss through evaporation = 18.23kW


Total Heating = 57.2kW

Recommended model = Two (2) nos. of EcoHeat YC-025TA1 with input power of 4.3 kW and COP of 5.81

Given newest TNB tariff per month as follows:


Tariff A - Domestic Tariff

For the first 200 kWh (1 - 200 kWh) per monthsen/kWh21.80

For the next 100 kWh (201 - 300 kWh) per monthsen/kWh33.40

For the next 300 kWh (301 - 600 kWh) per monthsen/kWh51.60

For the next 300 kWh (601 - 900 kWh) per monthsen/kWh54.60

For the next kWh (901 kWh onwards) per monthsen/kWh57.10

Estimated Resistance Heater Electric Consumption for 24 hours initial heating = 978.74kW

Estimated EcoHeat Pool Heat Pump Initial Heating as follows:

= 2 x 4.3 x 24 hours = 206.4 kW

Based on above calculation, estimated electric saving is 78 percent.

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EcoHeat Model YC-018TA1